About Fusion Media

Fusion Media is a multimedia company formed in May of 2008 primarily focused on providing cable television, high-speed internet, and telephone services. Fusion Media purchased Oak Grove Heights Cable in June of 2008, Walcott from IndCo in 2009, and installed high-speed internet shortly thereafter with great success.

If you need telephone service, cable television, internet bandwidth at rapid speeds or a bundled service to save money, we provide those services. If you are considering changes to improve your bandwidth, consider fiber to your office to save time and money over your current provider. There are limitless advantages to providing service over fiber so contact us today for more information. Look for us to save you time and money and let us work up your best choice for residential or business service.

Residential Fiber Internet Services

Fusion Media is pleased to announce that it will be increasing the internet speed you will be receiving under your current package at no additional cost to you. The process will be completed by April 12, 2019. In other words, MORE INTERNET SPEED! WITH THE SAME LOW PRICE that we have now.
More people using more devices in a variety of ways means that customers need and deserve faster internet speeds. Keeping our customers happy with the reliability and speed of their online experience is our #1 goal.

We are pleased that we can provide you this improved service at no additional cost to you, and hope that this results in your remaining part of the Fusion Media and hope that you will be even happier with your decision to allow us to serve you.We appreciate your loyalty to Fusion Media and hope that you will be even happier with your decision to allow us to serve you.
Please contact us at (870) 215-3456 if you have any questions or want to make any changes in your package.