Over the next few weeks, you will notice several changes to your channel lineup. We know everyone is spending a little more time at home right now due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
We are working with many of your favorite channels to offer free preview periods during April and May. The exact timing of each preview period will vary by network.
The following channels will now be temporarily available on Value Basic: CNN, CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC, Universal Kids, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark Drama and Outdoor Channel.
The following Expanded Plus channels will temporarily be available on Expanded Basic: Discovery Family, DIY, Science Channel, American Heroes and Destination America.
In addition, beginning in the April billing cycle and going forward, MTV2 (channel 43), Nick Jr. (channel 31), Nick Toons (channel 29) and Teen Nick (channel 30)  will be available on the Expanded Plus tier.
We hope that you and your families are staying safe during this time.

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October 15, 2019

Dear Valued Customer,

On November 1, 2019, our Gold Internet package will be increased up to 100 MEG at $69.90.  All current Gold customer’s accounts will be automatically updated, with no need to call for changes.

Everyone on Platinum and Titanium packages will see an increase of 100 MEG in addition to your current speed, and the Platinum Plus package will be up to 200 MEG, all with the same prices that you have now.

For those of you on Fiber that have Titanium and Platinum Plus, you can continue with these packages if you choose. However, we are discontinuing these packages for new customers because we are introducing Fusion Plus (up to 350 MEG) for 99.90, and Fusion Elite (up to 1000 MEG) for 159.90.  Let us know if you want to make some changes.

We truly appreciate your patronage and continued business with Fusion Media.




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Fusion Media is a multimedia company formed in May of 2008 primarily focused on providing cable television, high-speed internet, and telephone services. Fusion Media purchased Oak Grove Heights Cable in June of 2008, Walcott from IndCo in 2009, and installed high-speed internet shortly there-after and with some areas FTTH with great success.

If you need telephone service, cable television, internet bandwidth at rapid speeds or a bundled service, we provide those services.

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Basic +

Gold – $141.75

Platinum – $158.75

Titanium – $168.75

Platinum Plus – $178.75

*taxes and fees apply

Basic +

Gold – $151.80

Platinum – $171.80

Titanium – $178.80

Platinum Plus – $178.80

*taxes and fees apply

Basic +

Gold – $181.75

Platinum – $201.75

Titanium – $208.75

Platinum Plus – $218.75

*taxes and fees apply

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New Facility in Brookland. WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS

Our state-of-the art facility is now complete and open for business in Brookland, AR. Fusion Media had one thing in mind when locating the new office where we did and that was to better serve our customers in and around the North East Arkansas region.

About Fusion Media

Fusion Media is a leading provider of communication, entertainment, and cable products and services in the North East Arkansas region. Based out of Brookland, AR, our goal is to deliver the highest level of service and the best experience for customers in this area. We service the following communities in Arkansas: Oak Grove, Brookland, Jonesboro, Bono, Finch, Walcott, and Paragould. While our current focus is in Craighead and Greene counties, we are growing and will continue to expand our services to new locations.
If you need telephone service, cable television, internet bandwidth at rapid speeds, or a bundled service to save money, Fusion Media is your one-stop solution. If you wanting to improve your bandwidth, consider switching to fiber internet. There are limitless advantages to providing internet service over fiber so call us today for more information on how we can set it up for you. For the best deals and latest options in residential or business services, Fusion Media can save you time and money. Contact us now to find out more!