Yes, but do not disconnect from your current provider. When porting a number over to a new carrier, the line must remain connected, if you disconnect and then want to keep your number we cannot do that. You will be required to come in and fill out some paperwork. It is called an LOA (Letter of Authorization) and it will require your number(s) to be ported, how you want it listed in the phonebook, and then the current address the provider is billing to, account number (and password if with AT&T), and signature of the account holder. This is then uploaded and sent to our phone provisioning company to begin getting the number ported from them and sent to us. It can take 10 to 15 business day and sometimes longer if the correct information is not given.
Yes! Call into the office and let one of our representatives know that you would like to pay via the website. The representative will create a temporary pin number for you. Then you may proceed to the web portal at Once at the website you will click on my account. You will enter your account number and temporary pin. It will show you the amount of your bill and you will click the “pay bill” tab and proceed with your information. No need for worries, this is a secure site. If it kicks you out of the web payment portal, please make sure you are using a supported web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, or Chrome. Internet Explorer and Safari are currently not supported at this time.

If you are asked to reset your modem and you have a separate router, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug your router from your modem.
  • Unplug your modem and router from the power outlet and the modem from the cable.
  • Let them both set for approximately 5 minutes.
  • Plug your modem back into the power cord and the cable from the wall and let it come back up completely.
  • Plug your router into your modem.

You should now be able to get online. If you had a laptop, smart tv, cellphone, or tablet open at the time you reset, please restart those devices as well, otherwise they may not recognize the internet.

If you have a combination modem/router in one:

  • Unplug the power cord.
  • Undo the cable from the wall to the back of the device
  • Let the device set for approximately 5 minutes.
  • Plug the power cord back in.
  • Attach the cable from the wall back to the device.
  • Allow all lights to come back on.

You should now be able to get online. If you are unable to, refer to the section below.

I have followed all the steps above and I still can’t connect?

The first thing to check is that your device does not have airplane mode on. If not, proceed to the following steps:

  • If you have a modem and a separate router, detach the Ethernet cord that runs from the router to the modem.
  • Take the Ethernet cord and plug into the back of the modem and hook directly to laptop or computer.
  • If you are able to search or get online, your router needs replaced.
  • If you are unable to search or get online, your modem needs replaced.

If you have a combination modem/router in one, try running an Ethernet cord from one of the ports on the back of the device to your computer or laptop. If you can connect to internet, the router has gone bad in the device. If you can’t, then the modem or the device has gone bad.


Turn on the Component you want to program (TV, VCR, DVD or AUX).


For a list of TV Codes click here

Press the [COMPONENT] button (TV, DVD or AUX) to be programmed and [OK/SEL] button simultaneously for 3 seconds. The Component LED will light for 30 seconds indicating the unit is ready to be programmed.


Point the remote control toward the Component and enter the 3-digit code number assigned to your brand.

*Note: If the 3-digit code number you just entered is correct, the Component will turn Off. If it did not turn Off, continue entering code numbers listed for that brand until the Component turns Off


After you’ve entered the correct code number and the Component has turned off; press the [POWER] button To turn the Component back On. Now it’s time to test the VOLUME and MUTE buttons for the TV (or PLAY and STOP buttons for VCR and DVD) to make sure they all work. If any of the functions do not work as they should, repeat from STEP 3 using the next 3-digit code number listed for that brand.


Once you have found the correct 3- digit code, save it by pressing the same [COMPONENT] button one more time. The Component LED light will blink twice to confirm that the code was successfully stored.

If you are calling about service for a new home (just built or being built) that has never been serviced before, there are certain criteria that will be asked, to make sure we give our locator the correct information.

  • We will need to know your name
  • Your physical street address
  • Your contact number and email address
  • Have you had service with us before
  • How many outlets will/do you have, or need activated.

If we can service this area, you will be contacted by a representative to find out if there are any costs to build to your home, when we can schedule a connection, and how much service and installation fees will be associated to what service(s) you will want to receive.

If you are calling about service for a home that has previously had Fusion Media (bought home from prior customer) we will need the following information.

  • Your name and a copy of your DL or SS card upon scheduling for installation.
  • Your physical street address
  • Your contact number and email address
  • Have you had service at another location from us before?
  • If you purchased from a prior customer, we will need a copy of the deed or lease agreement and a copy of the Electric bill in your name.

As with any of the addresses we give to our locator to verify services, it can take more than a week to find this information out.

Our billing runs for the current month forward. If you are connected during the middle of a month, there will be a pro-rated charge.

ALL Fusion Media customers are on the same billing cycle. You receive the bill at the 1st of each month and it is due by the 15th. If paid after the 15th of the month, a $20.00 late fee will be applied.